Ingrid Eyen

Ingrid is a Sex Educator at the feminist, sex positive sex shop, Toys In Babeland. There, she gives advice and expertise on human sexuality, and teaches workshops for Babeland University (both in-store and outreach classes). Ingrid grew up at Starwood and has been involved in presenting teen workshops at the event for several years.

Teen Safer Sexuality

Let’s face it: Puberty sucks. And the birds & the bees (or public high school sex education, for that matter) just doesn’t cut it anymore. Ingrid knows exactly what happens behind teen tent walls at festivals, so come and learn from someone who’s been there (and then some). Anyone interested in learning about your bodies, how they work, and how to responsibly love yourself and others is welcome. We will cover body awareness, gender & sexual orientation, self-exploration, communication, and safer sex practices.

Teen Sex Chat

Got any burning questions that you just can’t ask the adults in your life? Any rumors or urban legends to debunk? Or just want a space where you can talk about love, sex, and all that squishy stuff without it being awkward? Come and talk (or just listen) about anything and everything you might want to know about sex, sexuality, and the great beyond. This is a non-judgmental, open space for dialogue-it can be fun, informative, and respectful at the same time.

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