Bonnie Rovics

Bonnie is a trained advisor in Unitarian Universalist youth programs. She is the former assistant to the National Director of Youth Programs at the UUA and has been working in UU youth programs both continentally and regionally since 1997. Bonnie has been an adult elect to the youth steering committee for the past two years (elected by youth), was employed as the senior youth advisor of Milton First Parish in 2003 and 2004 and in 2005 trained in H.I.P.P. (Help Increase the Peace Program), a Quaker training program for youth in conflict resolution and dialogue. Her current focus is working with youth in social justice organizing. In early 2006 she organized a youth team to lead an open dialogue at the National Conference on Organized Resistance at American University in DC on Youth Oppression/Youth Empowerment. Bonnie is also a Shiatsu Bodywork Therapist, Jazz Flutist and Festival Organizer in the Boston area.

Youth Power!

Borrowing a title some urban youth in my life recently used. This workshop is about the necessity of youth creating their own leadership, building and running their own programs, and creating a strong place to have a voice in their schools, families and at Starwood! We'll be looking at what a youth empowered leadership model is and steps to take towards having the youth at Starwood create their own youth program. What that looks like, what you want and what possibilities there are - both short and long term.

Youth Oppression/Youth Empowerment

Age-ism is one of the most un-addressed biases in our society. This workshop is about working as a group to identify bias against youth, societal perceptions of youth, and ways in which our society undermines its own ability to change towards the positive. The second step is to look at models we can use to change this, how we can build youth empowered models, allow youth a voice, perceive and work to alter our own bias and patterns as youth and adults. In running this workshop we also will work on immediate objectives that can be accomplished within the community we are presently part of. This is an intergenerational workshop.

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