Luke Wysong

Luke has no definition when it comes to social class, he is a man of many "clicks" fitting in with almost every social group that exists in the high school realm, be it jocks, geeks, nerds, rednecks, hippies, Goths, emoes, or special ed. He has played football for most of his life, spending four years as a wrestler. He has played dungeons and dragons for 4 years, and has not DMed seriously, but plans to. Mr. Wysong is also his gaming group's authority on the workings and making of Halflings and rogues and the consumption of wild game...

Roleplaying 101

What does the elation of a natural twenty mean in contrast to the stark terror of a natural one? Why are Halflings considered Small while Dwarves are considered Medium sized? What in the nine hells do BAB, Fort, Ref, Will, AC, HP, Init. Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, actually mean? All these questions and more will be answered in a two-block program teaching the methods and mechanics of the DnD 3.5 (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition Revised) Roleplaying system. The mathematics associated with combat, skill use, and status effects will be expounded upon, as well as overall character use, standard party dynamics, and how not to meet the grim reaper in your first encounter (Second and guarantees). The second block will cover the fine art of using a character to the best of their individual abilities, thus creating a party that both accentuates one another's strengths and covers each other's weaknesses. Proper equipment usage will also be covered, as well as a crash course in just how mortal a DnD character is. Ultimately, each player will walk away with a complete character, their own d20 die, and the knowledge required to live another day in the DnD universe.

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