Philip Schreffler

Philip is a fanatical devotee to the DnD universe. He is a long time player and recently has run a few of his own campaigns. He has invented his own religion of Auto-Deism, as well as studied enough religious history to write his own book...or demolish any of the Big Five faiths. He has walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain without a word of Spanish by pointing and grunting at food he desired. New to Starwood, his wicked intellect will doubtless turn a few heads.

Roleplaying 102

Does the Paladin simply kill anything that shows up on his 'Evildar'? How would an Orc in disguise act in company of humans? Does playing evil mean that you steal and murder your party, or subtly manipulate events to turn out in your favor? These questions and more will be answered in Roleplaying 102. The first block of the workshop will focus on Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 role-play, including the character class and race that would best fit the personality you wish to play. Tips to get "In Character" including the use of traits and flaws to truly 'flesh out' said persona will also be expanded upon in this block. The second block will take "In Character" to another level by acting; using voice, posture, and movement to convey a message as your avatar would. Finally, participants will receive a chance to role-play scenarios between one another and to perfect the nuances of their alter ego.

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