Traeseare is a solitary practitioner of 10 years (and counting!) and has had affiliations with Spirit Weavers Church, as well as the triple Morrigan coven of Toledo, Ohio. She is studied in the ways of Paganism and Wicca, predominantly focusing on the Celtic and Greco-Roman pantheons. Among her dabblings and interests are: sacred geometry, past life integration, runic magic, and the magic of fire dancing. Traesear’s roots extend back into a Baptist Christian upbringing, complete with a dozen years of parochial schooling before she broke away and began to cultivate her own relationship with the Divine.

Coming out of the Broom Closet

This workshop focuses on those who have found their spirituality to be a point of major contention amongst their friends, family, and/or co-workers. We will discuss methods of coping, ‘damage control’, as it were, and healthy ways of standing strong in the face of anger from those you love. Abandonment, banishment, disowning, disbelief and other negative reactions can be difficult storms to weather and a great many people are forced to do it alone. This is both a healing and an informative exercise for all involved.

Releasing Shields

Like so many other things, the act of shielding-magically and emotionally-can be a wonderful tool of self-protection and defense, especially in our prejudiced world. However, there comes a point when, for the sake of personal growth and general happiness, lowering or completely dropping those protective shields is a must. For some of us, that is a challenge-either because of internal obstacles or external influences, the releasing of those shields is dangerous. It makes us feel vulnerable. This workshop will share the tricks and techniques for lowering your shields.

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