Gwyneth Ravenscraft

Gwyn went to high school at the School for Creative and Performing Arts. She’s a third-generation pagan and has been going to Starwood for 6 years straight. She first attended Starwood at the age of 4.

Scavenger Hunt

A hunt based on the ideals of team work and having a good time. Teams will be equally divided in terms of age and experience on the site. Items will include things like "a guy wearing a metal band t-shirt" and "the name of the person currently working at the Blue Lady Cafe'." The winners will get badges declaring them "Brushwood Experts" and possibly more prizes.

Capture the Flag

This event will have two teams of participants. A flag (or sigil of some sort) for each team will be placed at opposite ends of the site. Players will be identified by colored bands of cloth around one arm. The game is simple: capture the other team's flag and get it back to base without being caught by the other players. Freeze tag rules on getting caught will apply. This will encourage teamwork, covert behavior, and be a lot of fun. It will teach important lessons like "don't get caught".

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