Ravenoir has studied and embraced music for over twenty years. He has performed in music and dance presentations of many flavors and also participated in the production of many these shows. His musical mentors include the likes of Halim El-Dahb, Daveed Korup, and Jim Donovan. As a past member of the Kent State African Drum and Dance Ensemble, Einstein's Secret Orchestra, Stardust Outlaws, and more recently The Kent African Drum Community and Rhythm Acropolis he has offered his personal percussion expressions. A senior at the University of Akron, Ohio, Ravenoir currently seeks a degree in Visual Arts Education to enhance his facilitation in the creation and teaching of the expressive arts.

African Drumming

We will briefly explore history, culture, etiquette and care of drums. Attendees will learn and play basic African rhythms and how to have fun and talk with their drums. Loaner drums will be available and other percussion instruments are encouraged.

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