Daniel and Jenni Lupinski

Both Daniel and Jenni Lupinski have been doing shaman/healing work for the past 25 years. Daniel began his studies with Michael Harner, author of The Way of The Shaman in 1980 and in the early 90's completed a 3 year program in Advanced Shamanic Healing at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Both are presently working with South America and African spirit shamans. Daniel is also completing a book on his work entitled The Water Lives Deep in the Woods. Daniel and Jenni will be available for individual healing work throughout the festival. Just look for the 1975 green Champion motorhome usually parked near the North Pavilion.

Healing from Familial Possession

This shamanic healing workshop examines familial possession and how it affects our everyday life and keeps one from following one's true souls path. You will have the opportunity to sense the level to which you are possessed by mother, father, randparents, siblings, and significant others. We will also do a lower world journey to compare these possessions with any intrusions you might find in your spirit body.

The Reintegration of Self

During this session you have the opportunity to extract some of these possessions and reclaim lost aspects of self that have been that have been given to or taken away by these people who have possessed you. Bring blanket, cusion, and covering for eyes.

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