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ACE and the Chameleon Club would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of the wonderful people who made this year’s Starwood a success.

First and foremost, to the Brushwood Folklore Center, LLC. No event can successfully exist without a safe, secure, livable environment. The things we most take for granted: running water, sanitation, emergency medical care, campsites, passable roads and a thousand forgotten details, rest securely in your hands.

To the print artists, web designers & dedicated street team who got the word out.

To the people who produced the stage and worked so hard to literally move tons of supplies and equipment from Cleveland to Brushwood.

To the performers and presenters for your talent, preparation, and dedication to making the time we spend with you meaningful and enjoyable.

To the Woodbusters who spend so much time planning, building, and maintaining the fires we all enjoy.

To the guests who sign-up and show-up for your 2 hour volunteers shifts. (You know who you are and we love you!)

To the Luminaria Crew for adding light upon light to our village.

To the person(s) who placed the ducks in the puddles after the rain on Saturday. We really appreciated that!

To our wonderful guests. Truly, without you none of this would be possible. (Shouts out to Spiritweavers, Jason, ADF, Ron, Joe, Gryphon, the Torch Crew, Elspeth, Mephistopheles Mouse and everyone else who comes together to create our little village).

Thank you for another wonderful Starwood!

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