The Starwood Festival always presents a diverse roster of speakers and workshop presenters. Here are some of the workshops that will be presented at the 26th Annual Starwood Festival.

Magic & Spirit

The Three Souls of Feri
Stalking Power: Danger & Delight in the Feri Tradition
The Return of the Sacred Clown
Cultivating Creative Madness
Solomonic Mysticism
Paul Foster Case and the Pattern On The Trestleboard
The Structure of Spellcasting
Giving Good Readings – And Getting Them Too!
Running with the Moon (Spiritual Lycanthropy)
Animal Magik
Awakening the True Heart Ritual
Magick in the Victorian Age
Creating a Working Altar

Drumming & Dance

Tribal Belly Dance Workshop I Learning the Vocabulary
Tribal Belly Dance Workshop II Combinations and Cues: Putting it all together
Dance Magic
Channeling Earth Ecstasy For Dancers
The Guedra: Tuareg Dance of Blessing
Sacred Dance: Building a Practice
Circle Etiquette
Bonfire Lighting Drum and Dance

Sense & Sexuality

Picking a Winner in the Game of Love
Pagan Speed Dating
Family Communication on Sexuality
The Spiritual within the Physical

Wellness & Natural Living

Awakening the Flow of Qi: Ancient Arts of Longevity
Transformational Breathwork: it's written all over your body!
Medicinal Mushrooms
The Chàlem – Practical Magic for the Everyday Chef
Animals and the Environment
Thai Massage
Healing the Wounded Heart
Mysteries of the Mushroom
The Rite of the Children
Firestarters for Any Weather
Sunset Yoga

Theology & Religion

Ganesh: Who is this elephant headed god?
Hey, You! (and other inappropriate ways to dialog with deities)
The Sacred and the Profane
ADF Cosmology 101
A God By Any Other Name Would Shine As Bright
Universal Magical & Ethical Laws
The Laws of Magic in Daily Life
Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism
Sex and Religion: The Social and Literary Background of Aleister Crowley’s Gnostic Mass
Non-duality and Magickal Consciousness
Queer Gods, Fruit Fly Goddesses and the Queer Spirit

New Frontiers

The Shaman Activist
Raising the Serpent
The Occult Intelligence of the Heart
Half Baked Magic
Magic of the Shepherdess
Thirteen Moons of Global Magick
Homestead 101

Contemporary Issues

Pagans and the Law: An Overview
Cast in Silver : Witchcraft and Spirituality in the Cinema
Panic in Detroit: The Magician and the Motor City
Homestead 101

Music & Arts

Pysanki (Ukranian Egg Art)
Psychic Recording: Audio, Video and Still Photography
The Song Of Creation
Fire Safety

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