Camping Considerations

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Camping Tips

What to Bring:

For many, this list could be endless, for others, minimalism is the rule. Most of us fall in the middle somewhere. We've compiled a set of fairly comprehensive packing lists.

DO bring and take your medications. Starwood is not the time to take a break from your mood stabilizer or anti-depressants. Be aware of the contraindications for every medication you are on. Drink water.

What not to Bring:

Besides weapons and other things illegal in the State of New York, we're pretty open. Be adult, be safe. Starwood is one week of the year, so please do not bring long standing grudges, animosity and excessive "attitude". Surely we can all agree to leave these things behind?

Food and Eating

On Site

Besides organizing potlucks amongst ourselves, there are ala carte food options available. Thus far we're enjoying the gustatory delights of the Blue Lady Cafe (pedestrian staples) and Phils Grill (primarily "Mediterranean").

Other Refreshments

In the Area

Local (less than 10 minutes away):
Sherman: Small, family owned grocery market (basic groceries), Sherman Pizza, The Corral (good Breakfast with the Amish), and other assorted fare.

A little further away (20+ minutes):
Mayville (East of Sherman at the intersection of 430 and 394) has a larger Quality Mart, plus the largest liquor store in the area (keep going east from Mayville a couple miles on 430 past 394, it's called "Mar Mar").

Even further: Many Starwoodians may be seen at the Wegmans store in Erie, PA. A few miles south of I-90 on Peach Street. There is also one in Lakewood, NY (86 to 394 West). Both are roughly equidistant from Starwood. (Beer and Wine are available at the NY store but not the PA store).

For restaurants in the Chautauqua Lake Region visit TourChautauqua.com.

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