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The Pufferdome

Rising from the Earth like Gaia's glowing nipple, the Pufferdome is our unique workshop, late night club and performance space.

ACE Co-Director Joseph Rothenberg will facilitate your participation in the biofeedback-controlled video game series Journey to the Wild Divine. Workshops will include hands-on opportunities with The Breathwork Explorer: the only Light/Sound frequency device controlled by your breathing, and Light/Sound meditation programs.

Journey to the Wild Divine is a series of training programs for breathing and meditation techniques using biofeedback. The training is done in an initiatory videogame format.

A variety of interactive light/sound training and entertainment devices will also be available including:

The Omni Pro – a CD based light/sound entertainment and entrainment device that uses CD music and light frequency compositions to create meditative and altered states of consciousness. It is one of a variety of light/sound training and entertainment devices that will be available. Other machines will demonstrate interactive light/sound devices that respond to breathing and brain wave changes.

Feed your head and heart at the pufferdome.

Wednesday Midnight Concert

The Shiva Zoo - Electric Sitar, guitar and drums. The Shiva Zoo blends ancient and the modern music. Deep tribal rythms are overlaid with meditative tones while the sitar forms adictive layers of trance melodies. The artists have brought their collective love of Slow-core, Ambient, Indian Classical, and Drum circle together to create a new musical style.

Thursday Night Movie

This year the Pufferdome is proud to present: A premier presentation of the feature length movie: "e; Flatland the film"e;.

An adaptation of the 1884 novel “Flatland” by Edwin A. Abbott. Isaac Asimov called this Novel "The best introduction one can find into the manner of perceiving dimensions."

"Reminiscent of “Yellow Submarine”... “Fantastic Planet”... and “Heavy Metal.” With a visual style that is thoroughly unique... independent filmmaker Ladd P. Ehlinger Ehlinger has created a work of art and a new animation masterpiece.” -Phill Hall, Film Threat Magazine

One lonely Square must save his two dimensional world from total destruction. It is three days until the much anticipated year 3000 in the Southern Republic of Flatland and A Square has a job to do. He must meet with his latest client, A Line, the first female Flatlander to be arrested for the taboo practice of Chromatism - the act of coloring one’s sides in order to resemble a higher class of geometrical figure.

Within this turmoil, a mysterious visitor from the third dimension arrives: A Sphere, CEO of Messiah, Inc. Flatlanders, according to A Sphere, must learn that there is another dimension called “height.” A Square must spread the word as his Apostle of the Three Dimensions.

Be the first on your block to travel to another dimension, completely safe, all natural, no known side effects. Be there or be a square!

Also, a selected short film from independent filmmakers David Brigham, Harry Paisley, and the Marcus Rufus Comedy Company. “Oops” a sci fi satire of fate and alien cultures.

Friday Midnight Concert

Land of the Blind - A San Francisco Tribal-trance duo that creates trancendent mixtures of World-dance and Organic Folk. Ancient meets future sound. Driven by tribal beats, hand drum & Didjeridoo, Celtic Melodies on an Indian Harmonium & Appalacian Dulicemer and award winning vocals.

“Pop Music for Druids” - The Oregonian
“A magic carpet ride, a free wheeling caravan lead by a soaring, sub-orbital vocalist” -- The Rocker, Seattle
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