Arakeane exploits the diversity of his religious, sexual, and spiritual background to bring a unique mix of talent to the pagan community. His Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, Thalamic, and Mormon background from his early years intermingles with his vast experience in avant-garde spirituality tempered by his various Wiccan experiences and practices for the past 20 years. A Naval Officer, Physicist(BS), Computer Scientist (MS), and Engineer by trade, Arakeane interleaves his professional training into his quest for spiritual awareness and comprehension. The thrice sworn soul-mate of the High Priestess Selene, Arakeane has been in the public Pagan forum since the late 80’s. Most noted for his open work entwining diverse pagan practices with Wicca, Arakeane has been an embarrassment to fundamentalists from many Pagan traditions for well over a decade. A Distinguished Toastmaster, off Broadway New York actor, trained in NLP, holistic healing, and a diverse set of other spiritual disciplines, Arakeane’s spontaneous entertaining presentation style typically delights his audience. Even if you’ve taken a previous year’s workshop, you’re sure to be delighted with the continuous changes introduced, and Arakeane’s ability to spiritually immerse you in the subject matter.

Binding Magic, Scribed Tablets and Poppet (Doll) Magic since Classical Times

Presented with Selene.

This workshop will present the historical roots of spinning, weaving, tying, and binding in magical and spiritual literature. The interrelationship and development of magical tablets, their intertwined (pun intended) relationship to poppets (voodoo dolls), and the art and linguistics of binding magic in classical times (in Egypt, Rome, and the British Islands) will be presented. A short introduction to rope magic, the use of the cingulum, magical web-weaving and binding as practiced in British-based traditions will be presented.

Reaching Out with Intuition

Presented with Selene.

This is a self-discovery course where each attendee will be coached in exploring their intuitive nature. Particular emphasis is given to one-on-one intuitive interaction in order to establish a means to evaluate your intuitive skills and receive positive feedback. Some participants surprise themselves as they discover irrefutable evidence of their own intuitive capabilities and the natural energy fields that surround us all. Others gain a far more intensive retrospective of their psychic gifts and abilities.






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