Amy Castner

Amy Castner has always enjoyed exploring her spirituality through crafts. She is a quilter, seamstress, crafter, and Pysanki artist who delights in incorporating pagan symbology into her projects and believes that no ritual tool is more powerful than one made by your own hands.

She especially enjoys learning about traditional crafts and traditions from around the world. Amy has a degree in Anthropology from Michigan State University and has won several awards for her Pysanki work. Amy has been making Pysanki for over fifteen years, and for the last seven years has put on Ostara pyskanky workshops for her local pagan community.



Magical Pysanky

Pysanki (also Pysanky or Pysanka) is a Ukrainian craft that predates Christianity in the region and reflects ancient myths in which the egg symbolizes life, the sun, and the universe. It is the art of making beautiful and intricately dyed eggs by drawing on them using a wax resist method. This workshop will teach you not only how to create your own Pysanki eggs, but will also include discussion on their uses in magick and ritual.

Workshop participants will take home a completed Pysanki project and instructions. All necessary workshop supplies will be provided but kits will be available for $5-$10 for those who would like to try this at home.






The Runemaker Workshop

The word "rune" means mystery, secret, or whisper. Since ancient times, our northern ancestors have been using runes for divination and magic. Each rune has esoteric meanings and properties associated with it, beyond its mundane alphabetic meaning. They each translate into a word or a phrase signifying concepts representing the forces of nature and mind. There are many types of runes and many ways of using them for ritual and divination.

In part one of this workshop, participants will create their own set of runes as well as a casting cloth and rune bag. During part two, we will discuss divination strategies and learn two easy spreadsť using our new tools. A $5 donation is requested to help cover the cost of materials.






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