Joseph Gabryel

Joseph Gabryel received his MS Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies at the State University College at Buffalo, New York. He has studied Feng Shui for over 17 years. He is affiliated with Western Door Feng Shui Associates. He is an accomplished artist and has exhibited his Life Drawings in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC.






Feng Shui and The Natural Campsite (2 parts)

This Feng Shui based workshop will explore the creative interpretation of where to place your tent/shelter, your belongings, and how to accentuate the 9 sectors to achieve the manifestations/improvements you seek during your current or any future camping experience. The 9 sectors correspond with family, education, health, creativity, wealth, relationships, mentors, career, and fame. The importance of color, finding earth energies and how to position ourselves within our environment to our best advantage will be examined. The group will specifically examine the lay out of Brushwood, observe the impact of the surroundings on various camp sites, as well as look for 'poison arrows' and other obstacles that may require 'cures'. Prerequisites: Particpants should have an open mind and love of natural camping. At the conclusion of Part 1, participants can return to their respective campsites and re examine their sites with a 'feng shui' eye. They should note what they see and take corrective action to improve the site. Particpants will be invited to reconvene on Saturday for Part 2 , to share their respective feng shui experiences and to elaborate on any improvements in their life manifestations.






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