Wil Howitt

Wil Howitt is a doctor of computer science and electrical engineering, physical acoustics and psychoacoustics. He works in biomedical engineering at MIT and Boston University, developing models for the human auditory system. He also spends lots of time drumming, dancing, and playing didjeridu and other rhythmic instruments. He teaches Taoist martial arts, drives a VW bus, and looks around a lot.






Let There Be Music

Will HowittLearn the science of music. This talk is about waves, harmonic oscillation, and the phenomenon of resonance. We'll see how the intersection of mathematical number theory with the perceptual mechanisms of human hearing give rise to harmony and rhythm. We will learn how to create musical scales and musical instruments.






The Song Of Creation

Learn the music of science. This talk is about a fundamental principle of energy exchange -- the study of wave mechanics -- and how it's given us a new view of reality. The soul of music gives rise to the relationships that govern lasers, chemistry, quantum theory, and the latest theories of cosmic physics. (No math -- well, not much :)






Voice 101

"e;Doctor Voice"e; gives a guided tour of the uniquely human organs of speech, and how they work as both communication tool and musical instrument. We will learn the Tuvan vocal techniques called khoomi (overtone singing) and kargiraa (throat singing), and how human language is like and unlike animal communication.

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