Donna Longuillo

Donna and Jeff have been making and selling their handmade cold process soap for almost five years. They have been actively attending festivals and shows while keeping up with the demands of their online business.

Constantly experimenting and developing new products, they love to share their newest discoveries. While they are new presenters, they bring a wealth of knowledge which has been developed from years of independent study.

In addition to making their own cleaning products, Jeff is a photographer, inventor and retired electrician. He has published patents listed with the Library of Congress. He spends much of his time photographing nature and creating his Aurorae images. Donna is a certified social worker with over 20 years experience working with Domestic Violence victims. In addition, she is a gifted tarot reader and counselor. Her passion for herbs and healing along with Jeff’s gift with color and light has created their vision of Aurorae.






Be Kind to your Psyche - Protecting, Grounding and Cleansing for Daily Living

This workshop will cover protection, grounding and cleansing techniques for everyday use to empower our psychic intuition.

On a daily basis we all encounter situations which are emotionally, physically and psychically draining. By practicing these skills, we prepare ourselves to receive messages from spirit, but we also have a wonderful cooping mechanism in place to keep us in balance and healthy from daily living.

This workshop will include an Aura balancing meditation.






Thinking Green: Natural Cleansing Rituals for your home and Family

Thinking Green- Natural Cleansing Rituals for your home and Family No lye, no soap, no lie – the differences between cold process and glycerin soap explained. * The benefits of making your own natural products * How to incorporate rituals into daily living * Properties of the ingredients – what to use and why * Hands-on demonstration making laundry detergent * Recipes to try on your own (vinegar hair rinse, disinfectant cleaner)

Each participant will receive a free sample to try at home.






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