Kelly McBride

Kelly E. (Cheshire) McBride, MLS is a librarian by training and sexuality educator by design. She is currently the Director of Training for Planned Parenthood of Indiana. She has worked with a wide variety of populations including parents, police officers, rock concert fans, prisoners, homeless, domestic violence survivors and teens. Ms. McBride specializes in sexual orientation, gender and sexual variations. As an eleven year veteran of Starwood she is excited to answer your questions about sexuality, so feel free to stop by any of her workshops and say hello.






Picking a Winner in the Game of Love

Ever go to the grocery store hungry, without a list? You come home with all kinds of crap that isn't any good for you. Well, if you come to Starwood "hungry" without a list, guess what ends up in your tent - all kinds of crap that isn't any good for you! Gather for a personal exploration of your needs, wants, desires, deal-breakers and bonus qualities in a relationship for the perfect romantic partner or someone who is perfect for right now. We will create an effective list of desired characteristics to help you wade through the crap and find the cream of the crop! Get ready for Pagan Speed Dating by knowing what questions to ask.






Pagan Speed Dating and Networking

Starwood is an exciting place full of sexy and interesting people. Pagan Speed Dating & Networking is a fast, fun, safe and comfortable way to meet a workshop space full of festi-goers who want to meet someone like you. Participants will be assigned a number and will spend three minutes with numerous "dates". If both parties are interested in meeting again, veteran Starwood attendees Kelly (Cheshire) McBride will set up a networking location so they can set up another date at the festival. Last year we had a 10% hook-up rate and some great connections among poi spinners, disc golf fans and more. Join us and who knows who you might meet in three minutes!






Family Communication on Sexuality

With so much sexual imagery and talk in the media, it's important that parents help their young people to find the meaning behind it. Parents sometimes worry about what to say or how to begin talking about sexual issues, and sometimes the conversation doesn't happen. It might be because parents have no model to follow if their own parents didn't talk with them about sex. This workshop will help parents clarify the values they want to communicate to their children/teens and offer tips and tricks to make it easier and effective. Parents are the primary sexuality educators of their children - meet with a Planned Parenthood educator to learn communication tools that work.






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