Nybor is an artist, healer, teacher, pastoral counselor, theorist, self-taught ritual magician and, with Elspeth, co-founder of the Haven Community. His art has appeared in Science Fiction and Pagan publications. He has been named Pagan Artist of the Year several times. He has recently completed the Nybor Tarot Deck, a 30- plus year project to produce a divination deck more in line with modern society and thought. His next project is a illustrated book of Goddesses. As a ritual magician he is working on a theory of spiritually, revealing a new way of looking at the world that incorporates all systems of Magick. He has been named Elder in several communities as well as for the various Guardian groups, and as such is available to the community as a resource. He lives in West Virginia with his wife and soul mate Elspeth and two furry entities.

Beginning Tarot

Nybor will speak from his many years experience as a reader, collector, and designer of Tarot. He will address the following topics: 1. How to select a deck to work with. 2. How to find your personal meanings for the cards. 3. How to read the cards. 4. The use of the little booklet that comes with the cards. The class will close with each person receiving a one-card reading as part of a demonstration of how to read the cards. If you have a Tarot deck and can bring it, please do.

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