Rev. Ivan Stang

Rev. Ivan Stang has been Sacred Scribe of The Church of the SubGenius since 1979. He is the editor and codesigner of the SubGenius books REVELATION X, THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS, THE BOBLIOGRAPHON and others, has hosted the syndicated weekly radio show THE HOUR OF SLACK for 1,111 weeks (as of this week!), and teaches a course in Running Your Own Mind Control Cult through Maybe Logic Academy. In the previous century he was a claymation pornographer and music video director. He is currently working (or Slacking dilligently) on several SubGenius-related multimedia projects as well as a documentary about Starwood.







What is "Bob" Smoking? The Enigma Explained, the Tomb Opened, the Ziploc Unsealed

J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, Living Avatar of Slack, has informed his spokesclerk, Rev. Stang, that the time has come for certain dire and marvelous secrets of The Church of the SubGenius to be revealed. What had been privileged and classified occult knowledge will be shared with any who are willing to uphold the F.I.B. (Faith In "Bob"). Not only will the contents of The One True Pipe at last be told, but also why knuckleheads always vote for numbskulls,where lost single socks REALLY go, and why everything always seems to take just a little longer than it should.






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