Jonathan Thornley

A Student of Life and 4th generation gardener, Jonathan was raised and sustained in soil that has been in his family for over a hundred years. As fate would have it, he returned to the same family gardens several years ago, and then realized the gift he had been given: knowledge, rich soil, and the awareness to worship in the very Earth Herself, a primal and sustainable connection that everyone has a responsibility sustain and the right to live off of.

Jonathan is currently increasing the garden area and the types of crops, as well as going through the long process of getting Organically Certified.

Jonathan's family gets its vegetables for over seven months a year solely from their gardens. Many of their plants are grown annually from saved non-GMO seeds and plants. When not spending as much time as possible in the soil growing things and sustaining my family’s little plot of Earth, Jonathan builds and fixes things (mostly out of wood), builds fires of all shapes and sizes, beats on drums and anything else at hand, plays the occasional didgeridoo, and breathes deeply (when he remembers to).






Back to the Earth Part I - Getting Started

Our world is in desperate need of a return to knowledge and origins that promote sustainability, relocalization, and community. Part I will cover the many spectrumed benefits of growing your own food; from the personal and spiritual awareness we develop as we become more interconnected to our Mother Earth, the cycles that effect all life, and the more obvious benefits of healthful diet and the beneficial impact on our environment when approached with deep intent and awareness.

We will go through all the steps needed to start your own garden, from the selection of the garden location, soil types and amendments, testing the soil and nutrients, what climate zones are and why they matter, irrigation options, and the importance of seeds and the critical situation we now face with genetically modified products. All levels of interest are welcome from potters to plotters, share the knowledge!






Back to the Earth Part II - Sustaining Your Garden

The second part will start with seeds and germination tips and pointers, such as planting timing to keep steady crops and companion planting to utilize space and nutrients. We'll then cover fertilizing and feeding (ORGANIC!), pruning and harvesting to get the most out of your plants, dealing with pesky critters, elusive insects, disease, and of course unpredictable Mother Nature.

So you had a stellar season, what do you do with the 500 pounds of tomatoes you have now grown and the season is at its end? Preserving, storing and the benefits of various methods will be discussed, as well as how to save and store seeds and the importance of handing down such important knowledge to future generations. Though I encourage the use of local suppliers, not everything can be, so sources will be furnished to get started, as well as what commercial produce contains the most chemicals. Again, all levels of interest are welcome from potters to plotters, share the knowledge!






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