Julie Trainer

Julie received her B.A. in Psychology in 1988 from UCLA where she served as a crisis counselor and trainer for one year on the UCLA helpline. She then studied massage therapy at The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Santa Monica, CA and became certified in massage therapy in 1990. Julie also did a student teacher internship at the same school for 6 months. She is a certified Polarity Energy Balancing practitioner, which she studied at the Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies, and she holds a Reiki Level II attunement. Julie is an energetic intuitive and healer and is gifted at creating and holding safe and sacred space for healing to occur in. In addition to offering private sessions, she teaches people techniques to offer healing to their loved ones and themselves.






Energetic Partner Massage

Energetic Partner Massage teaches you to tune in to your partner's energy and offer them a safe space in which to experience a nurturing energetic massage. This workshop teaches simple yet very effective techniques to bring your partner to a state of relaxation and to help relieve tension and pain. In addition to physical techniques, we will also discuss the importance of creating a safe/sacred space, respecting boundaries, and responding appropriately to emotional/spiritual, and energetic issues that can occur during a healing session. Participant's can attend with a partner or find one when they show up.

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