Izolda Trakhtenberg

Born in Moldova in the former Soviet Union, Izolda grew up steeped in the rich heritage of Eastern Europe. She spent her first few years listening to her great-grandmother speak about subjects as diverse as plants, stones, the weather, people, and music. As Izolda progressed in her chosen fields of environmental education (she traveled the world for NASA teaching environmental education workshops), musical and tarot reading goals, she additionally began study of the energy workings of Reiki and Chi energy and yoga. She has been a Tai Chi practitioner and teacher for over 13 years, and she is a certified Reiki practitioner. She is also a yoga practitioner and facilitates yoga study groups at local Maryland community centers as well providing individual instruction. More recently, in her Healer's Arts business she has also incorporated Holistic Life Coaching and Therapeutic Creativity. She is also the founder of the Life Elements System - a process that helps people gain deep insights about their own lives and primary behaviors and then helps them take control of the their lives and live consciously and fully.



Intro to Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years and recently there has been a real revival in the awareness of its benefits to health, wellness and mindful consciousness. This workshop will give you the very basics of yoga by introducing the concepts of breath, stillness and mindful motion as part of yoga asanas, or poses. We will work with participants of all levels and give modifications to poses in an effort to introduce everyone to the benefits of a yoga practice. There will be a warm-up, breath work, and then various poses designed to open the body, bring peace to the mind and awaken the spirit. Please bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.






Life Elements: Change Your Life With Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

In Astrology, Ayuerveda, and Native American spirituality, the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water play a large role in determining personality characteristics. For example, a person may be an Air sign (and therefore thought and reason oriented) however, the Life Elements System proposes that simply knowing your status is only the first step in creating a full and well-rounded life. The Life Elements workshop takes the process one step further by not only allowing individuals to assess themselves and their current status with the Element Designation Assessment Tool but also giving missions and quests to develop and/or balance all four elements. It is only with accessibility to the strengths and characteristics of all four elements that we can live, act, and react in the world from a well-rounded and joyful place. In this workshop, we will take a truncated Element Designation Assessment Test (the full EDAT is available online and will be available in the forthcoming book), and we will assess each individual's element designations and potential element imbalances. Once those are established, we will develop a methodology that will allow participants to stabilize and then increase their connection to the elements they need in order to help them become fully well-rounded in all four elements and then therefore possess the accessibility to each whenever it is needed. We will then complete at least one of the Elemental missions, quests or meditations depending on the general needs of the participants.






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