Alan Washington

Alan has been studying and pursuing spirituality and holistic well being for over 20 years. His studies have followed an eclectic path with an emphasis on prayer, meditation, introspection, and attention to physical well-being, further expanding into a study of energetic healing modalities including shamanism, reiki, acupressure, energy meridian therapies, and aromatherapy. Alan is an ordained minister, reiki master, EFT practitioner and teacher and has recently become a full-fleged "rock whore" – a step beyond being a rock hound. Alan is owner of Arctura Scents aromatherapy products company.





Lighting the Shadows (Embracing Our Shadow Selves)

Al shares insights from his own shadow work – the process of embracing the parts of ourselves we don’t want to see – and how looking at his shadow self revealed his own limiting beliefs, allowing opportunity to replace his limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs. Al will talk about how his “motley crew” of shadow identities turned out to be talented, beneficial elements of himself who were just being loyal to his negative, limiting beliefs. He’ll also talk about how another element of the shadow self is fear of acknowledging the higher self or empowered self and how to embrace all of our shadow selves.






Overview of Huna: Polynesian System of Healing and Growth

Huna teaches about the three levels of consciousness, the corresponding energy bodies, and the flow of life-force energy and how to use these to facilitate healing, joyous abundant living and spiritual growth. Not a religion as much as a spiritual system for living, Huna dovetails nicely with any religious beliefs and enhances self-help and self-improvement programs. Al describes this ancient Hawaiian/¬Polynesian magical system of shamanic healing and spiritual development and leads participants in several exercises applying Huna principles.






Metaphysical Properties of Crystals and Stones

Many spiritual seekers are drawn to crystals and stones, whether aesthetically or energetically. Come explore some of the metaphysical personalities of our mineral friends. Al will talk about some of the basic properties and associations such as color, shape/form and growth habits and how these relate to their uses. He'll also discuss some "hidden" properties such as fluorescence/tenebrescence as well as some ways to use crystals and stones in meditation, daily use and rituals.






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