Christine Althea Wilson

Currently a 3rd Degree HPS and member of Temple of the Evening Star, a Minoan Fellowship temple based in Westchester New York, Christine has been a practicing pagan for over 20 years. Over the years she has combined the knowledge and skills of her artistic career as an actor, director and teacher with her Wiccan practice.

With a BA from California State University, Long Beach and an MFA in Directing from Penn State University she has taught acting and directed shows in NYC, LA, Penn State and across the U.S. Christine has studied jazz saxophone and voice at Berklee College of Music, and plays flute and piano in her spare time. Christine's current "day job" is producing DVDs for the BBC. She is also a voting member of The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).



Greek Catharsis in Magic

Theatre has long been associated with pagan religious festivals.

Focusing on the Theatre Dionysia Festival and its purpose in Greek society and religious practice, we will actively explore the ancient Greek practice of magical ritual theatre, and briefly discuss its connection and relevance to modern pagan practices and rituals.

The bulk of this workshop will be "hands on." Using modern (and ancient) acting methods, you will learn and practice a banishing / releasing technique that will bring new power and focus to your releasing rituals and spells. Learn how to pinpoint and focus your intentions by marrying the most powerful words (verbs) with sustainable physical actions. Learn how to channel your deepest emotions and intentions into those actions, creating a more powerful and cathartic release.






Masks in Ritual

Do you have fabulous masks that you've made or bought that decorate your altars, adorn your shelves and otherwise lay dormant? Bring them back to life! Masks are not just theatrical adornments, but powerful tools that can unlock the doors that connect us with deity, spirits and elementals.

In this workshop you will learn tried and true acting exercises, methods and games that will help you discover those connections. Working with a variety of masks, you will learn a process for cleansing and clearing your own physical and emotional "baggage" and then how to "take on" the qualities of a given mask. Then we will experiment with communicating and interacting with other "masked" creatures. You will leave with practical and usable methods to deepen and empower your use of masks in circles, rituals or for private journeys.

***This is NOT a mask making workshop***






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