Zimra (Anne Delekta) has been performing and teaching dances of the Middle East for more than 15 years. Her studies include ethnic dance styles from North and West Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Spain, India, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. As an anthropologist, her dancing is deeply grounded in an awareness and sensitivity to the native cultures of each form and style. She resides in Columbus, Ohio.













Guedra: Tuareg dance of blessing

The Guedra is a ritual dance of the Tuareg ("Blue People") of North Africa. The term refers to the dancer, the dance, and also the drum, which is a skin-covered cooking pot. The ritual is a combination of chanting, rhythmic clapping, and dancing, where the dancer, using gestures of the hands and arms, sends collected "good energy" out to the gathered people, the group, and the world.

This year will be a Guedra ritual with a short lecture beforehand. All ages and genders are welcome. Bring something to sit on, and come prepared to clap and chant.






Bhangra dance fusion

Bhangra is a lively folk dance and music from the Punjab region of India/Pakistan. This workshop will cover the basic moves and short combinations of movements, along with history and music. It is a vigorous dance with a fair amount of bouncing, so please dress appropriately. Bring plenty of water to drink and feel free to take breaks when needed.






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