Grant Marquit

Grant Marquit has a career that blends business and economic development with music and healing. Aside from being ACE’s “staff massotherapist” at Starwood for nearly a decade, he has co-presented workshops on various aspects of non-profit management at Starwood. But like many of us, Grant has two sides. He is an instructor of the simple yogic practice of kirtan, using traditional Sanskrit chants to open the communication chakra and connect with the divine. In musical forms, he has collaborated with Halim El-Dabh, Raquy Danziger, Jim Donovan of Rusted Root, Afro-Brazilian percussionist Marcus Santos, Carlos Jones, and Jamey Haddad among others.







Kirtan is yogic singing – a way of connecting your physical body with the divine through sound vibration. As many yoga systems build a strong, flexible and healthy body, the practice of kirtan strengthens the voice and the entire throat and communication chakra while giving the inside of the body a vibrational massage. In kirtan practice a call-and-response format is frequently used, with a leader chanting a phrase (typically in Sanskrit) and the rest of the group repeating the phrase. In this workshop, we will intersperse teachings with practice. Participants may reach an ecstatic state, but at the very least they will have engaged in a very simple, free and direct form of yoga.





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