Wendy Raphael

Wendy Raphael has been a professional artist/ painter for over 15 years and a creative thinker her whole life. She owns & operates a commercial sign and display company, Fine Signs & Designs, in business since 1989 in NE Ohio. Specializing in hand painting, pinstriping and castle display construction. Attending Starwood for well over a decade, she is known for her extraordinary hairwraps, airbrushed winged costumes at festivals, and was the winner of the "Best Naked Butt Clothed" costume competition at Starwood 1998. She is also the creator of "The Fine Tymes", a non profit art publication for the support and encouragement of creative thinking- a coloring book for adults full of quotes, poetry & short stories.






Postcards From Starwood

Send some loving cosmic energy from Starwood out to the universe with postcards from the woods! Send one to your friends, or even yourself reflecting on the enlightenment Starwood has given to you. Send a thank you to a presenter or ACE. We will provide everything you need except your words... Stamps available for 25 cents each. Postcards will be free to attendees. Bring your address book.






Rainbow Mandalas

Rainbow Mandala Souvenirs are a kaleidoscope of cut shapes and colors that will jump off the pages of your imagination for beautiful mandalas to display. A Mandala is a plan, chart or geometric pattern which represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective. A mandala, especially its center, can be used during meditation as an object for focusing attention. Rainbow Mandala Souvenirs are created with food save dyes on biodegradable coffee filters.










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