Lehto and Wright

Lehto and Wright have a sound that is a unique blend of traditional and modern styles. By taking cues from the Irish, English and American folk traditions and interpreting them with contemporary guitar-based arrangements, Lehto and Wright have taken fresh approach to the world of folk and folk rock. Lehto and Wright perform either as a duo or, with the addition of Matt Jacobs on drums and percussion, forming a Celtic rock trio. Lehto and Wright push the boundaries of Celtic Rock, utilizing all the tools of a rock band to achieve the effect of a six-piece band with three musicians. From American spirituals to Irish tune sets, their accomplished twin guitar/mandolin approach has intensity and power, offering an exciting live performance of traditional and contemporary folk music with an eclectic twist. Lehto and Wright have produced four CDs and some solo and collaborative works, including their first two critically acclaimed New Folk Records releases, Ye Mariners All and The Further Adventures of Darling Cory, and their latest effort, A Game of Chess. They’ve performed at the following events/venues: The Minnesota Folk Festival; The Rock River Celtic Festival; The New London Music Festival; The Black Hawk Society Folk Festival; City of Bloomington Arts in the Park; The Tree Frog Music Festival; City of Stillwater Music by the Water; The Royal Oak Pub concert series; The Bothy Folk Club concert series; City of Eagan Arts in the Park; The Granite City Folk Society concert series; City of Plymouth Art Fair; Bound to be Read Books; Kierans' Irish Pub and more. The Players: John Wright: Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, Bass pedals and Vocals; Steve Lehto: Acoustic and Electric guitars, Mandolin and Vocals; and Matt Jacobs: Drums and assorted percussion.

Celtic Rock

Celtic Rock is a fusion of any of a number of styles of rock music with traditional and/or popular music originating in those parts of the United Kingdom whose cultures derive from the Celts, the pre-Christian inhabitants of that part of the world. Celtic music is know for its jigs, reels, and both sad and happy airs, and its melodic structure melds well with various forms of rock music, from soulful ballads to high-energy dance music. Well-known bands and artists who have combined these elements in their music include Gaelic Storm, Horslips, Baka Beyond, Boiled in Lead, Pentangle, Afro-Celt Sound System, Equation, Lindisfarne, Felonious Bosch, Van Morrison, Steeleye Span, and Jethro Tull among many more, and the popularity of their music transcends the boundaries between the Pagan community and the folk, rock, fusion, and world music audiences around the world. The members of Lehto & Wright will discuss past, present and future trends in Celtic Rock, and demonstrate/perform some elements of the genre.










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