Elisheva is originally from a kibbutz in the Northern Galilee,Israel.She is elected Shophet(elected Seer, chieftain and mediator) of the USA Am HA Aretz, aka AMHa, a Tradition of Israeli Nature Spirituality.

Elisheva served in the Israeli security forces; studied at the tel Aviv University department of Ancient Mid Esstern studies; and now lives and works in southern Ohio as a counselor and organizational consultant. She has taught at Starwood since the early 90s; and has lectured here and internationally for over 35 years.



The Landscapes of the Tribal Hebrew Under/Otherworld

The followers of AMHA, the Israeli Tribal Nature Spirituality, have handed down "shamanistic" practices. These go back to the days before monotheism. In this workshop you can learn about the Hebrew Tribal Otherworld. Learn about the the look and feel of the tribal Otherworld landscapes, what mystical beings you might encounter and what such vision might mean; meet ancestors and warrior angels, recognize land spirits and Godforms; you will learn about the ancient Hebrew Tribal symbols and the imagery of their Hebrew Tribal Otherworld.

Please note: this is not a meditation class; but an informational workshop; so please come ready to ask questions.






Seeing for the Tribes

The many tribal peoples living in ancient Israel, Hebrews as well as others, with the help of Seers, would ask their mighty ancestors or their tribal protector spirits, or their Goddesses and Gods for answer to the pressing issues in their life.

Sometimes the Seers themselves might need an answer, or people might want to get a 'second opinion". They would then go to the High Places where the Hebrew "Shophet" (the Seer/ess and Hebrew battlechief) was located, ready to serve them by answering their questions.

Elisheva, as elected Shophet of her Tradition, is allowed to See for the Tribes. Regardless of what Tradition you follow, you are welcome to this ritual with your questions, and come in Spirit.






Casting lots for family and friends

Contrary to common belief, the ancient Hebrews practiced a variety of forms of divination. Here, handed down through the generations thanks to Amha-an Israeli Nature spirituality, we teach the ancient technique of casting lots, a divination practice also known as 'asking of the Gods'.

Participants will get a chance to learn the fundamentals - no Hebrew knowledge is required - and to practice it with the presenter during the workshop.

While this is not a ritual, the lot casting practice is, so please come in spirit. And as always, be ready to ask questions!










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