Joy Wedmedyk

Joy Wedmedyk (Olorisha Omi Lasa) is an initiated priestess in Regla de Ocha, an Ifa tradition commonly referred to as Santeria. For 30 years she has studied and learned from the spirits and ancestors of the planet and from the indigenous people of the Americas, Africa and Cuba.

Joy continues to develop her skills as priestess, medium, healer, artist and drum maker. She has been traveling and teaching for over 25 years. Her workshops give the participants an opportunity to experience and learn from the cosmology and mythology of the indigenous people of the earth.






Drum Making: Shamans Peace Drum 14 or 16 inch hoop

Indigenous people around the world have used Hoop Drums to commune with spirit and bring healing and wholeness to the self and the community. Journey with others on this sacred path and create your own deer rawhide drum from start to finish along with a leather covered beater. We will begin with a ceremony to remind us of our connection to the deer spirit and to the universal rhythms of life and conclude with a blessing ceremony to honor the power of our Drum. This is a beautiful drum and in a new size. You can choose the handle design you prefer, either 4 winds or a 5 pointed star.

This is a 2 day workshop. (3-4 hours each day)
All Materials are included
Per person: $115 for the 14" or $130.00 for 16"
Class limited to 8 people--please call 330 273 6260 to register.






Elevation and Depossession

Healing people, places, and things through the elevation and and depossesion of Spirits has been practiced through out the world since the beginning of time. We need to learn to identify and differentiate between:

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