LaSara FireFox

LaSara FireFox is a writer, ritualist, family traditions Witch, second-generation ordained Pagan clergy member, sex-positive activist and educator, and designer/facilitator of a variety of interactive, exploration-based workshops and rituals. LaSara's first book, Sexy Witch, was published in 2005 (Llewellyn Worldwide) and her second, EXTREME FLIRTING, is slated for publication in October 2007. LaSara believes that the most revolutionary, and perhaps evolutionary, act we can engage in is to become healthy, strong and empowered.



Get Your Flirt On! Flirting Basics

Maybe you weren't born a flirt, but with the help of "Flirt Goddess" LaSara FireFox, MPNLP, you'll become an amazingly effective one. LaSara returns to Starwood with her highly successful, internationally lauded flirting workshops designed to help you step out of the fear of interaction and into your own powerful presence. In this "basics of flirting" workshop, you will gain confidence in your ability to make a positive and lasting impression, learn how to become sensitive to boundaries, explore the nuances of flirting, cultivate flirt-ethics and form your own flirting style. You'll overcome blocks to flirting and learn how to be more resourceful, respectful and AWARE!






Sex It Up!: Three Simple Steps to Getting All the Action You Want

Tired of all tease and no play? Well, get that hottie into bed! In this workshop, "Flirt Goddess" LaSara Firefox, MPNLP, will help you find ways to make "goal-oriented" flirting work for you. You'll learn about building rapport, appropriate use of touch and boundary/PLAY as an attraction-meter, and how to lay the groundwork for a graceful after-sex exit. (Hint: effective groundwork is laid before you are!) Bring an adventurous spirit, a trusted buddy to brush-up on the team work with, and the desire to get what you want! (No buddy? We'll help pair you up.)






The Energetics of Attraction: Magickal Techniques in Flirting

How do people draw attention towards themselves? Why do some get noticed without moving a muscle, and others seem invisible no matter what? It's the energetics of attention and attraction, and "Flirt Goddess" LaSara FireFox, MPLNP, can help you create positive interaction with the flow. Tap into the potential for attraction in interaction! Learn simple, powerful techniques that allow you to master alignment of your presentation with your desires. Intensify attraction, build intimacy, and spark the heat that fuels passion.










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