An Intuitive Approach to the Tarot

Presented by Bernadette Montana.

Class 1: I will be bringing a few decks with me, it is recommended that students bring their own deck.

What dues "intuitive tarot"? This class will help the student to develop their own intuitive sense, so that the tarot can be used without having to refer to that little booklet that how comes with! The tarot teaches you how to tap into your subconcious-your past experiences and even your past lives! This class will touch on archetypes or symbols and how to interpet them in a reading. This will be a very interactive class in which the student will learn how to take care of their decks and how to do a beginning spread.
Class 2:

It's recommended that the student take class 1. In this class, we will touch on the different types of cards and spreads that are out there. how to pick a deck from the hundreds of decks out there! Working with reversals, how to develop a spread for yourself and how to set up a "sacred" space for readings using crystals, incense etc. We will be learning how to read for one another, so we will be pairing off into groups. A pen and a pad is recommended for both classes.

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