Five Elements Four Directions

Presented by Jonathan Dickau.

The Alchemical Elements and Four Directions are persistent themes across many cultures, since Ancient Times. Scientists claim that a view of reality with only 4 or 5 elements is far too simplistic, yet Science also affirms an order of the universe which is in close agreement with the conceptual framework this ancient belief system suggests. It is almost as though time travelers or ancient scientists left seeds of meaning for us, in these metaphors. Jonathan offers a unique perspective on the Elemental Archetypes which shows how they form the basis for Identity and correspond to the Natural Forces described by Science. People too can be examples of a particular Elemental Archetype, or they can blend the alchemical elements, forming a unique combination of personalities, or flavors. Alchemists have always been interested in Transmutation, but the secret meaning is that what is being transformed is ourselves. Jonathan will explore both Western and Eastern concepts of Alchemy, to highlight all aspects of that transformation process. The Five Elements and Four Directions are as meaningful now as ever, and they have plenty to teach us.






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