Growing Medicinal and Visionary Plants

Presented by Henry Kilpatrick.

There are a large number of plants that have been used for dreams, visions, relaxation, healing and altered states for a very long time in different parts of the world. The US is somewhat schizophrenic about these plants. Some are sold in herbal form with little or no restriction. Some are refined, put in pill or liquid extraction form and are also sold with few restrictions as long as they pass muster as “herbal supplements” in markets where caveat emptor rules. While some of the better known plants and refined substances that are used for visionary and recreational experiences are on the US Drug Enforcement Agency’s Schedule I, there are many others that may legally be possessed and cultivated (although one should seek legal guidance on the consumption and/or refining of such plants. The workshop leader does not pretend to be a lawyer). Online merchants sell many of these plants and seeds, as do some seed companies in the US and Canada that primarily sell flower, herb and vegetable seeds. This workshop will cover both medicinal plants, such as goldenseal and ginseng, as well as plants used for visionary or relaxation purposes, such as Silene capensis (an African dream herb), kratom and kanna. Plants known to be illegal to possess in the US will not be covered. It will focus on cultivation without reliance on expensive equipment and greenhouses, noting that one may need completely different soils and germination methods for different plants, depending upon their native habitat. It will also discuss the existing scientific/medical literature, catalog sources of information on these plants, tell where non-threatened native or North American established plants may be harvested, and list vendors of seeds and plants.






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