The Starwood Festival always presents a diverse roster of speakers and workshop presenters. Here are some of the workshops that will be presented at the 27th Annual Starwood Festival.

Magic & Spirit

A Ritual for Empowerment
An Intuitive Approach to the Tarot
Beginning Tarot
Binding Magic, Scribed Tablets and Poppet (Doll) Magic since Classical Times
Elemental Workings for Personal Balance
Elevation and Depossession
Energy Connections
Experiential Elemental Faerie Working Part 1: Workshop
Experiential Elemental Faerie Working Part 2: Ceremony
Five Elements Four Directions
Greek Catharsis in Magic
Introduction to Enochian Magick
Introduction to Graeco-Egyptian Magick
Living Between the Worlds - Working with Faerie in an Urban Setting
Magickal Initiation in Egypt
Magical Prosperity
Masks in Ritual
Metaphysical Properties of Crystals and Stones
Ordinary Oracles
Participating in Ritual
Real Energy
Real Magic 4.0
Serpent and Reptile Magic
Spirits of the Tarot
The Magick of Aleister Crowley
The Structure of Spellcasting
Wiccan Shamanism
Traditional Wicca For Solitaries (2 parts)

Drumming & Dance

Belly Dance: Beyond the Basics
Bhangra dance fusion
Dancing the Elements
Drum Building and Repair
Dumbek - All Levels
Guedra: Tuareg dance of blessing
Intermediate/Advanced Dumbek
Introduction to Middle Eastern Dance
Path of the Drum - the Art of Drum as a Lifstyle
West African Drum Rhythms

Theology & Religion

A Tree of Mothers - Indo-European Goddesses
Building Your Personal Paganism
Casting lots for family and friends
Danu, Bridget, and the Morrigan - Goddesses and Women in Druidism
Living the Life of the Solitary Druid
Northern-Tradition Shamanism (2 parts)
Ogham - The Secret Language of the Druids
Overview of Huna: Polynesian System of Healing and Growth
Seeing for the Tribes
The Inipi
The Landscapes of the Tribal Hebrew Under/Otherworld

Music & Arts

Aqua Vitae - Making Cordials and Medicinal Tinctures
Celtic Rock
Didgeridoo Basics
Didgeridoo 2 - Circular Breathing Intensive
Drum Making: Shamans Peace Drum 14 or 16 inch hoop
Fairy Lore in British Folk Music
Flute Salad
Grandmother Turtle''s Wisdom Stories
It Takes an Empath
Learn to Spin
Let There Be Music
Magical Pysanky
Postcards From Starwood
Rainbow Mandalas
Space Trance One in the Pufferdome
Sparking a Creative Inferno
The Runemaker Workshop
The Song Of Creation
The Soul of Sunrise
Time Signatures
Voice 101

Contemporary Issues

How the GOP Stole the 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 Elections, and How to Stop it in 2008
The Endless Horrors of the Failed Drug War
The Solartopian Green-Powered Eco-Revolution

Sense & Sexuality

Family Communication on Sexuality
Get Your Flirt On! Flirting Basics
Picking a Winner in the Game of Love
Pagan Speed Dating & Networking
Sex It Up!: Three Simple Steps to Getting All the Action You Want
The Energetics of Attraction: Magickal Techniques in Flirting
The Erotic World of Fairie: Sexuality In British Fairy Lore
The Tribe of Hearts: Pagan Polyamory

Wellness & Natural Living

Are You Full of Poo?
Awakening the Flow of Qi: Ancient Arts of Longevity
Back to the Earth Part I - Getting Started
Back to the Earth Part II - Sustaining Your Garden
Be Kind to your Psyche - Protecting, Grounding and Cleansing for Daily Living
Elixir of Life: Microcosmic Orbit
Energetic Partner Massage
Feng Shui and The Natural Campsite (2 parts)
Growing Medicinal and Visionary Plants
Healing, Intuition & Magick with Crystals and Gemstones
Healing & Magick with Reiki - A Level I (Beginner) Class
Intro to Yoga
Life Elements: Change Your Life With Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
Medicinal Mushrooms
Northern-Tradition Shamanic Herbalism
Partnered Stretching
Qi Gong Breathing and Exercises
Reaching Out with Intuition
Reclaiming Yourself
Self-defense as a Spiritual Practice
Take It Personally
Tantra: An Emerging Paradigm for Our Times
Thinking Green: Natural Cleansing Rituals for your home and Family
Touch of Thai Massage
Using Both Brains
What's Hot Smelly and Good for You
Wilderness Survival

New Frontiers

Deep Ones and Outer Gods: H.P. Lovecraft and the Occult
Lighting the Shadows (Embracing Our Shadow Selves)
NLP and the Body
NLP for Group Leaders
Warriors Among Us
What is "Bob" Smoking? The Enigma Explained, the Tomb Opened, the Ziploc Unsealed
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