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The Annual Fabulous High Faerie Tea Party & Potluck

A romp through wonderland in the Faerie woods. Join us for a spot of tea and strumpets err—crumpets. Put on your best Farie garb, polish your ruby slippers, grab a bag of chips and hightail it over to the Faerie community fire. Chat, meet, divine the future, or just be divine. This year Mike Ingalls will provide entertainment with his unique cello style. All are welcome.

The Faerie Woods Art Project

F.W.A.P.returns this year with a musical theme. This year we will explore GLBT folk music with recorded presentations from GLBT folk artists. Please bring any CDs or cassette tapes from GLBT themed songs, artists, and musical groups. Supplies will be provided for painting pictures and creating art. Relax in the Faerie woods for an afternoon art break.

GLBT Community Meeting

An open house for the gay community at Starwood; as much a social event as goal-oriented. This is an opportunity for new people to meet on another and old friends to get together. The community meeting is a traditional forum for networking and discussing programs of interest to the Starwood Faerie Community.

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