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The Pufferdome

Rising from the Earth like Gaia's glowing nipple, the Pufferdome is our unique workshop, late night club and performance space. ACE Co-Director Joseph Rothenberg will facilitate your participation in the biofeedback-controlled video game series Journey to the Wild Divine.

Workshops will include hands-on opportunities with The Breathwork Explorer: the only Light/Sound frequency device controlled by your breathing, and Light/Sound meditation programs. Journey to the Wild Divine is a series of training programs for breathing and meditation techniques using biofeedback. The training is done in an initiatory videogame format. A variety of interactive light/sound training and entertainment devices will also be available including: The Omni Pro - a CD based light/sound entertainment and entrainment device that uses CD music and light frequency compositions to create meditative and altered states of consciousness. It is one of a variety of light/sound training and entertainment devices that will be available. Other machines will demonstrate interactive light/sound devices that respond to breathing and brain wave changes. Feed your head and heart at the pufferdome.

Wednesday:Michael Bettine's Gong Bath

Thursday: Movie Night

Movie night will begin with a new short subject: The River of Copsa Mica, Directed by Ryan Uzilevsky with puppetry and costumes by Waking Dream (our Kids Parade and Bonfire puppeteers), based on a true story in which a misunderstood tribe of Pagan Gypsies in 1916 Transylvania are blamed by villagers when a small boy turns up missing. Based on true events.

Director's Statement:

The film "The River of Copsa Mica" contains the timeless Myth of a Man's struggle against his society as it begins falling into the false ideals and sinister trappings of industrial warfare and violent nationalism. It also contains the Myth of freedom from domination and materialism represented by a persecuted tribe of nomadic Gypsies. It tells a true story I believe to be as timeless and important as any of Man's great myths, and this all happened less than 100 years ago.

Yellow Submarine is a classic animated fairy tale in the form of a full-length musical film starring The Beatles. Though the dialog was supplied by actors (until the last scene), the music is all theirs, and the incredible animation resulted from eleven months’ work by over 200 artists, a psychedelic tour-de-force utilizing techniques unique at the time. The story, inspired by the theme song, involves a mission by Captain Fred in his flying dimension-spanning Yellow Submarine to enlist the help of The Beatles to free Pepperland (and their resident heroes Sgt.Pepper’s Lonley Hearts Club Band) from capture by the music-hating Blue Meanies. This requires an Odyssey-like journey through mysterious seas, discovering both monsters and an ally, and a hilarious script of double-entendres, Beatles’ song references and psychedelic inside jokes worthy of Firesign Theatre and Monty Python. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

After that, depending on the will of the audience and the weather, other strange and wonderful films will be ready to run.

Friday Midnight Concert:Indigenous Space Walkers

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