Drum the Ecstatic International

Jim Donovan's Drum the Ecstatic International, a dynamic new drum and vocal group, is a captivating live performance experience that can be best described as an exhilarating blend of the drums of early Rusted Root, the positivity of Bob Marley and the thumping soul of an African Village. It's a six-man ensemble with a cappella vocals and African-influenced drumming and dancing, accompanied at this Starwood by a rocking guitarist. Donovan has been touring off and on with Drum the Ecstatic for a year and a half and, he says, "I wanted to make sure it was smoking before I brought it home." To this group, he says, the smoking comes naturally. "When you've got high caliber musicians who can communicate without speaking, really wonderful things can happen." One of the members of Drum the Ecstatic is Elie Kihonia, the percussionist who founded Afrika Yetu and Umoja African Arts Company and also inspired Rusted Root in its early days. There are a few Root pieces in the drum show, including "Back to the Earth." Jim has officially left Rusted Root; you'll be seeing a lot more of him and this terrific percussion ensemble.

















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