Hymn for Her

Hymn for Her is a duo who takes you over the stars and the sands playing soul-scaping music with voices and hands; a variety of stringed instruments and chords of vocals intertwine in a way that captivates and mesmerizes. Theirs is a story of two musicians, Maggie and Pierce of MPE, who took a break from touring with their band and traveled up to Maine to write a book. They made a deal with an inn-keeper to perform for the dinner crowd in exchange for a quaint little shanty by the sea. It wasn't long before cabin fever set in. Thus, a baby was conceived and a band was born. (They're still working on the book.) In the year of The Golden Pig, in the Spring of 2007, their baby was born in Florida and the duo started recording an album. Things got cookin'. They stripped down . . . to the bare necessities: two acoustic instruments and two voices, keeping it as true to their live performance as possible. They’ve completed their debut CD, ‘YEAR OF THE GOLDEN PIG’, mixed and mastered at Studio 4 with Grammy winning producer, Phil Nicolo.

















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