The powerful and upbeat sounds of Katrin Roush have drawn attention from audiences and musicians alike. The acoustic rock-style music is driven by Katrin's dynamic acoustic guitar and soulful voice, which are evident on her most recent release, "Nature Spirit". Originally from Newton MA, Katrin started performing in New England clubs and coffeehouses in 1993. She began singing at the age of three, started violin at age seven, and formed a band at age eighteen. Her classical and rock n' roll backgrounds combine to give her music depth in both melody and rhythm. She performs frequently around New England and throughout the United States. Katrin takes original acoustic-based rock to new and exciting places. Her skillful guitar work and powerful voice make Katrin shine wherever she appears.

Katrin placed second out of over four hundred entries at the 2003 "Mountain Stage New Song Festival" in West Virginia. She appeared in an article by USA today and also graced the cover of Metronome Magazine in June 2004. Most recently, she was a winner at "Solarfest 2005" singer/songwriter contest in Vermont. Katrin is constantly expanding her audience through touring around the U.S.A. and has traveled as far as the Fringe Arts Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. She was one of the few selected for Faneuil Hall Marketplace Street Performers Program in 2004 and 2005. Katrin's song "Heal It" from her debut release "Out of Nothing" was featured on Boston's Best Singer/Songwriter Compilation.

















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