Rebecca Crystal

Rebecca Crystal does what some call shamanic work and has been presenting workshops since 1979 using a strait forward presentation style with humor. Participation is always expected in the workshops and often a warm sense of community occurs. Come with a friend or to meet a friend. Rebecca wishes everyone a wonderful Starwood and would like to take this time to thank the organizers of the event for all the work they do.

Psychic Faith Healer

Pretend I am your fairy goddess mother and ask for your heart's desire. If you want to learn a skill you've read about; if you want to heal yourself of a tenacious emotional/psychic/physical wound; if you want to call your true love to you, come to this experiential workshop. One on one healing/teaching will be conducted in a supportive circle of participants. Psychic 101 would be a good introduction - this is Psychic 303.

Psychic Skills 101

Guaranteed to help you have an experience, come learn how to see/feel/smell/taste/hear the other realities. This is an interactive, participatory workshop with very little lecture and a lot of doing. If you never have had one, or want to improve your skills at psychic experience, this is the workshop for you!

Sunday Morning Starwood Healing Circle

Festivals can be eye openers but sometimes strong emotions or left over energies can plague the trip back home. Come for this healing circle where participants will be helped towards closure and the group will send healing energy to all who have visited Starwood 2008.

















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