Mia Donna

Mia Donna has been studying dance, fitness and the relation to recreational need for 10 years. Growing up riding and rescuing horses in Ohio, her focus turned to recreation and dance when she began college. Learning anatomy to structure and function of the body to the psychology of leisure, Mia soon found herself on a mission to help people grow in themselves through dance. She has incorporated exploring sound resignation in the body, emotional blocks and holds and the relation to understanding these by use of movement. Now a full time dance and fitness instructor, Mia Donna is helping others find ways to move into a more spiritual, physical and free life by use of movement practices.

So Much More than Dance

This workshop is a scaled down version of a weekend long intensive in movement practices. We will explore the body and its need for movement, locate blocks and how to being work towards release and sound resignation in the body and how to find sound tools to use as guidance. This workshop will incorporate some movement but will focus on gaining an understanding of listening to the body.

















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