Ross Duncan

Ross Duncan teaches traditional medical and martial Qi Gong, and hasbeen teaching these skills for about 10 years. Ross has taught at similar venues, including several festivals in North Carolina, and at a 10 day retreat for Go players held every year, and each time has had overwhelmingly positive responses.

Ross has completed a 7 year residential apprenticeship program at Kamiza in North Carolina, in 2002, focusing on teaching the martial arts of Ch’uan Fa, Tae Kyon, Jujutsu and Bujutsu, and Tui Na massage and bone setting, herbalism and Classical Chinese Medicine. He has since trained in Chen style Tai Chi, PaKua, and Hsing I, the three internal Chinese martial arts. Ross currently teaches these skills to a small groups and individuals in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Gi Gong of the Natural School

The exercises I teach are derived from classical Chinese medical practices, Taoist spiritual practices, and the martial arts, mainly Zi Ran Men(the Natural School) and the three major internal arts of Tai Chi, PaKua, and Hsing I. They all involve gentle and sometimes vigorous movements coupled with breathing and internal awareness to raise wellbeing, and expand one’s consciousness, recognizing a connection with a universal consciousness. This workshop would present an excellent option for participants to spend some time in the morning to focus on theirown mental, physical and spiritual health.

















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