Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum

Paul Dunkirk-Greenbaum has six years experience dancing with fire. He has hosted his own fire safety workshops at other festivals and in Minneapolis, and holds fire jams and indoor winter practice space for object manipulation in Minneapolis. Ross is in the fire troupe Illumination, and has lots of safety information and safety equipment available.

Ross is an insured professional fire performer and has performed at Starwood, Burning Man, PSG, Heartland, Sacred Harvest Festival, Ohio Bike Rally, ValleyScare, The Lounge, Schieks Palace Royale and many other bars and night clubs. He will be vending at these festivals again this year plus many more festivals. Ross has vended fire performance gear at Starwood, Sacred Harvest Festival and Heartland Pagan Festival in 2007.

Beginning Poi

I will have practice poi available for people who do not possess their own. I will be teaching basic beginning moves with poi. This is intended for people who have never spun before or have just started.

Fire Safety & Fire Dancing

I am going to teach fire safety by talking about the responsibility of fire dancers, safety equipment, different kinds of fuel, fire spotters, and everything else important to safety. I will also lead demonstrations by lighting a fire poi on fire and putting it out with either duvetyne or a wet towel. I will then have people put out the props themselves. If Jason and I work out making fire dancing possible for Starwood 08 through Brushwood then this will be required to dance with fire. I will give out bracelets to people who finish the workshop. I will need two or three slots to do this workshop.

















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