Zen Marie Holmes

Zen Marie Holmes is a fun-loving, pagan, mother of five. She is also a licensed massage therapist and when she’s not using her healing touch to soothe our bodies and our minds, she’s teaching traditional African movements to touch our souls and make them fly. Zen Marie has studied with renowned dance masters such as Lamine Thiame, Djoniba Mouflet, Marie Basse, Mominatou Camara, and Mamasata Camara. She has 22 years of African dance experience and is a member of the Bousso African Dance Company lead by Lamine Thiame. She taught African dance classes at Main Street Theater and Dance Alliance. She currently teaches African Dance workshops in various communities across the country.

African Dance

Zen Marie’s African dance class is a celebration of life. You will learn Djembe style dancing using rhythms and movements from Guinea, Mali and Senegal. The class will begin with a body stretching, strengthening and toning warm-up, followed by simple yet highly energetic movements.

















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