Sidian Morning Star Jones

Sidian is the grandson of the native American Medicine Man and author Rolling Thunder. He was a student of theology and spirituality when, at the age of 20, he met Dr. Stanley Krippner PhD (one of the most prominent figures in parapsychology). He encouraged Sidian to write book reviews for the Association of Humanistic Psychology magazine and give talks at a few universities and events including University of Massachusetts, Amherst, University of Munich, Germany and others. He is a founder of the Redefine God Project, a network for "Open-Source Spirituality", and maintains a blog called The Daily Cultist.

Redefine God: Religion 2.0

If you’ve been pondering the meaning of religion lately, you’re not alone. Sidian Jones has created Redefine God, a network for "Open-source spirituality." Jones is aiming to jump-start religion 2.0, an idea that he defines as "the religion of what is." To promote the spread of that idea, Jones set up the network as a "spiritual social-network actively exploring the scientific research on human potential and personal mythology" who’s members are assembling their own "sacred text" called The Source Code. He has taken significant advantage of the built-in "notes" feature on the network to create and share extensive documentation for the network. Redefine God, which Jones hopes to turn into a non-profit organization later this year, even hosts its own celebrity member in the field of psychology and parapsychology. Stanley Krippner is a professor of psychology at Saybrook Graduate School and can often be seen on the Sci-Fi Channel. Krippner has already been active on the network, leaving comments for other members and adding his thoughts to discussions. The discussions, as one may expect, are the most active part of the network. The network takes advantage of the categorization tools of discussion forums, dividing topics into categories like Source Code, Chaos and Main Hall. Many threads have dozens of replies, which is expecting when asking such gripping questions as "Does God exist?" So take the red pill, and join Jones and others to define the future of religion!

















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