Wendy Raphael

Wendy Raphael (fairywendy or wendygirl) has been a professional artist/ painter for over 17 years and a creative thinker her whole life. She owns & operates a commercial sign and display company, Fine Signs & Designs, in business since 1989 in NE Ohio. Specializing in hand painting, wall murals and creative consulting. At festivals, Wendy is known for her extraordinary hairwraps, airbrushed & batiked winged costumes and clever signage. She is also the creator of "The Fine Tymes", a non profit art publication for the support and encouragement of creative thinking- a coloring book for adults full of quotes, poetry & short stories. You can see some of her painting on the Brushwood Shrines. Her motto: Play With Everything!

Pirate Tribe Initiation

PIRATES WANTED! ARRRRGH! Do you think you have what it takes to set sail on the Starwood Ship? All attendees at this workshop will take the PIRATE’S VOW and become MEMBERS for a year in the PIRATE TRIBE. Every member will receive an official membership CARD (PIRATE TRIBE or PIRATE GIRL) and a piece of the BOOTY (everything from bandanas to beads, charms to cups). This is an ALL AGES workshop.

















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