Raven has been active in the Pagan community for more than twenty years. She has traveled to the Aztec and Mayan holy sites and experienced their power. She is a practitioner of High Magic, Priestess of Dionysus, Professional Spiritual Advisor, Teacher, Tarot Reader and Priestess of Circle Weavers Coven in Southern California. She has taught numerous workshops and seminars and writes and performs as Priestess in many large rituals across the nation. Her spiritual teaching experiences (classes, workshops and seminars) include Wicca, High Magic, Tarot, Divination, Dream Interpretation, Rituals, Candle Magic and more. She was an Instructor at the Psychic Eye and has been a formal instructor for The Chela Institute in Dana Point, California. RavenHarp@gmail.com.

Luck Magic Spellcraft for Harnessing Good Fortune

Invite Fortuna to smile upon you with these suggestions on how to increase your luck using conscious magic. Bare-faced Bohemian, or polished professional, we can all use a little boost on the tree of life. Come and explore the possibilities for tapping the infinite for an increased influx of luck and bring an open mind.

Power Magic Spellcraft for Success

As our culture becomes increasingly more competitive, it is important to know the techniques that will allow success and permanence to our spiritual workings. By drawing on the forces that engineer strength and protection within our magical workings we lend greater influence, and set down deep roots that will carry our intentions into the future.

















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