Paul Ravenscraft

Paul Ravenscraft began his training in spiritual technologies over 30 years ago, and was soon creating and implementing original rites of self-transformation. An early association with Louis Martinie' (New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple and Black Moon Publishing) influenced his use of drums and sounds in spiritual facilitation. Over the last decade, he has contributed as a drummer, instrumentalist, vocalist and songwriter to several groups and is currently a member of the Psychedelic Tribal group Mayan Ruins ( Paul has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Xavier University.

Intent, Sigil Working and the Talisman

No issue is more fundamental to personal magickal workings than the connection between the stated intent and the ultimate result. There are simple, yet effective, models for this process; we will explore at least one example in this context. Formulas involving the intent will be examined, and we will delve into details of sigil working, focusing on the methods of A?os as a point of departure. And how could such an analysis be complete without an examination of the manifestation and nature of resistance?

















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